Workshops & Webinars

Workshops and Webinars for Groups & Teams

Cultural Intelligence workshops are designed to provide your group or team with the awareness, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the global economy.

German-American workshops provide both the big picture and subtle details of German and American cultural differences that effect communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Team Development workshops focus on developing the dialogue skills necessary to create trust and respect among team members. The level of trust within a team or organization is one of the best predictors of long term success.

In these workshops I use a wide variety of methods: Case studies, critical incidents, lectures, group discussions, role playing, films and individual reflection are all employed. The goal is to give participants both cognitive knowledge and an authentic experience of the intercultural working situation. The choice of methods for any given situation depends on the training objectives, the time available and the composition of the group.

Incorporating training sessions into actual work assignments is highly cost-effective as both an educational and a teambuilding method. In one workshop for a global team I focused on understanding cultural differences as they played out in real time during actual business meetings. We were able to both discover different expectations that participants had of business meetings as well as develop more understanding and rapport among team members. As a result the team not only accomplished more in that meeting than they usually did, but their team meetings in the future also became more effective and energizing.