Relocation Support

Relocation Support – A Helping Hand for Your Journey

Relocation Support: Relocating to another country can create a flood of strong feelings and a host of new challenges. Ask anyone who has gone through the experience and they will tell you that culture shock is more than just a phrase. It is the stress reaction of our minds and bodies experience when faced with rapid change and unsettling differences. When left unmanaged, this stress reaction can reduce our effectiveness as well as upset our lives and relationships. Research shows that it can even impact our immune system and thus our physical health and well being.

Pre-departure preparation is one key to successful sojourns abroad. Based on my own relocation experiences and my years of preparing Americans who were going on overseas assignments, I can offer you practical tools that will help you prepare for the challenges ahead.

Once in the country, I can continue to coach you as you navigate your way through new physical and cultural environments. My coaching will help you unlock your potential to survive and thrive in your new location. Talking to someone who will listen deeply, understand your experiences and support your needs and values can make the difference between a satisfying and successful sojourn abroad and an unpleasant time counting each day until you can finally return home.

I only worked with Greg for a few hours, but that brief time really helped me prepare for the reverse culture shock I encountered when I returned to the U.S.  Many people underestimate culture shock in general and can’t understand why returning home after an overseas assignment might be problematic. But it can be and the work I did with Greg helped me transition home in a smooth, successful manner. My only regret is that I didn’t make use of his support before I went overseas as that would have saved me some painful learning experiences.  -- Joe S., American engineer who lived and worked in Germany for 3 years