Coaching – Shortcut to Success

Intro: Coaching is a shortcut to success that uses highly focused sessions on a regular basis so that over a relatively brief period of time, sustainable change can be achieved. Coaching is a goal driven process aimed at attaining both success and satisfaction.

Global Competence: If you are working globally – whether virtually or as an expatriate – your success depends upon your ability to deal with people who think, feel and act differently than you do.  People who are globally competent have the awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to keep their balance when landing in unfamiliar territory. My coaching can help you develop your global competence quickly and safely.

Relocation Support: Have you ever relocated to a foreign country and found yourself disoriented and anxious? This stress reaction to the experience of overwhelming and rapid change is called culture shock. If not managed wisely, culture shock can have a major impact on your life – marital problems, loss of performance and substance abuse are a few of the common dysfunctional reactions. Pre-departure training and ongoing coaching during the transition period are effective means to manage the stress and protect your relationships, health and peace of mind.

Inner Leadership: Do you have potential you have not been able to realize? Do you have habits which are holding you back? Are you unable to motivate yourself during challenging times? If so, you could profit by developing more inner leadership. Inner leadership is a key skill for success in all areas of life, but it is essential when dealing with people from other cultures.

Trust Based Teams: Think about all the relationships that make your life satisfying and successful. If you examine them all, you will find that they are based on trust and mutual respect. Trust and respect are harder to develop with people that have different cultural values and behavioral norms. If you are working with people from other cultures, whether virtually or face-to-face, understanding how to develop good relationships is the key to your success and satisfaction.