Building Trust

Trust – Social Capital for Collaborative Success

Building Trust: It is told that four of the best warriors did not trust each other and refused to fight a marauding lion that was terrorizing local villages. In the end, four lesser warriors who respected and trusted one another worked together to defeat the dangerous beast. This legend illustrates the power of trust and respect to develop our collective potential. It also explains how our ancestors were able to survive in the often dangerous wildernesses in which they lived. From our tribal past to the post-modern present, great human accomplishments have always been built upon the power of humans who supported one another as they worked together.

If you are a team leader or office manager, it’s a safe bet that you spend more than half your time managing conflicts, turf battles and office politics while smoothing ruffled feathers. That is a huge waste of effort in a world where your time is at a premium. Much of this wasted time is lost in boring and unproductive meetings. The key to higher performance and effective, satisfying collaborations and meetings is to develop strong relationships based on trust and respect. Let me show you how the use of dialogue skills and personal development can help you facilitate the culture of trust and respect you need to further careers and enrich lives.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different cultures. In doing so, there were many situations where cultural differences caused a lack of trust within the teams. To overcome this hurdle, Greg was called upon to guides these teams through a phase of awareness and learning, where each culture was examined and explored. During this time, Greg helped identify underlying cultural aspects that were preventing team unity and cohesion. Through Greg’s training and coaching, the teams were able to improve communication, to build trust and respect among team members and ultimately to improve the overall team efficiency. – Kent Meyers, Volvo Construction Equipment